Vegan menu

Vegan menu

Arrivederci started the vegan menu two years ago now! The vegan menu began originally to create a place where everyone could dine together easily, no matter what their dietary choices were. However, after the first week with this new menu in place, we quickly came to realise its popularity. Now we are well recognised within Brisbane as having the best vegan Italian options in Brisbane! If you haven't already tried our vegan options now is your chance. We offer eight different vegan pizzas and six different pastas, including our famous vegan carbonara, and a range of vegan gelato!

On the second Tuesday of every month we have a vegan night! During this night from 6pm we offer all our vegan menu for just $15 per meal. This is always booked well in advance, so stay updated with our facebook page for you to see when the next event is. We also have special vegan menu items on the night, as our chefs love to experiment with new ingredients each month! At Arrivederci we are extremely passionate about providing all customers with exciting new flavours made with fresh ingredients. We often use this night to test out new potential items for our permanent menu, so it definitely isn't a night you want to miss out on.


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